Aluminum proudly welcomes Brother Gruesome!

A 2-piece out of Oklahoma heavier than any 2-piece has a right to be.  If you’ve ever been in a basement with them you’ll be as excited as we are about their upcoming release. Aluminum is stoked that it’s gonna have a pull-tab on it.  This album is shaping up to be even darker and nastier than their stunning Mutually Assured Destruction.  Absolutely the kind of thing you’ll like if you like that kind of thing. WE DO!

Photo by Doug Schwartz Photography

Photo by Doug Schwartz Photography

These people are dedicated to DIY and passionate about making your ears hurt and like it, with songs that pry open your old wounds and let the bad stuff run out.
They are also the official honorary ceremonial co-chairpersons of Keeping Oklahoma Awful.

Check back for news about their upcoming album and tour.


–  Aluminum Records

Two, count ’em TWO new Aluminum releases this week!

FIRST: Aluminum’s senior misfits hit the ground running off a cliff with their self-titled debut album:

Download it FREE or Name-Your-Price

I’m not even sure I could remember right now all of the SICK bands these guys have been or are still playing in. All that talent and experience comes together at critical mass in GRAIN ASSAULT.

Absolutely follow them into some smelly basements for the full-frontal sonic barrage they bring every time. In between, go get these new tracks.

ALSO: a Hang Bob Ewell & Creation Order Xtinction split??? HELL yeah! Download it free or name-your-price.

COX just straight brings his second shift overtime, whiskey-soaked, lion hearted TRUTH.  Only way he knows how to play.

Hang Bob Ewell went not just into the studio but out on a limb for this one. How many bands do you know who could walk in, plug in and ROLL, total improv, no songs, no charts, no nuthin and produce this kind of top shelf musical rebellion? It is kind of extraordinary.

Fly, swim or train-hop to this week’s two-day extravaganza at Northrup to grab a copy of the split. Downloads coming soon.

Yeah so that’s how our week was. What have you been up to? Whatever you’re doing, we hope you Do It Yourself!

The Aluminum tribe proudly welcomes ACCIDENTALS !

First, go download their sweet and chewy record:  Plain Flavored Gum. Got it?

Ok.  Now while you listen we can tell you about these 3 used-to-be-bored, white suburban kids and their strange taste for 90’s punk and underground hip-hop.

Load them down and turn them up!  And see them live every chance you get!

– Your Friends at Aluminum Records