Humbert Humbert & The Viet Dongs



By The Cracker Japz 2013.

  • Max “Soeun” Kim: Guitar/Vocals
  • Troy Schedin: Guitar/Vocals

Recorded by: Logan & Luke


Breakfast Club
You’re not cute
and I wear floods we weren’t meant
to be in love
your acting, girl, will make you famous
this is not the breakfast clubyou’re not mute
you talk real good
but you’re alone
in a room
where all the people
are really really happy with you
but you’re not

your acting, girl, will make you famous
the bedroom is the scene you’re craving

Was it Jane or was it Jenny
it all depends on the day
Can you say sane can you say crazy
Cause with you it’s all the same

You’re a slut, of mammoth size
elephant, no room to hide
[I forget the rest of the lyrics, my bad]

Everybody wants to be a Cat
Just laugh it’s gone
Like the end of my sawed-off
the reason I bought one
it’s all just locked up in a box
and buried beneath us
it’s our little secret
just hoping we don’t get caught
cause if they dig it up
it’ll be the end of us
give meaning to this song
I’ll no longer be useless
and at my execution my friends will all sing along

so put put put your hands where I can see em
cause Haiti be the New Orleans
I’m a k k k k hurricane

and if you end up hating me
just sell me off for gasoline
we can escape this scene and you
don’t need me

The Square