The Crack Horse


The Crack Horse began in late 2007 fueled by the frustrations of a small town and drive to make the world a better place. Discontent with how the powers at be have spat on the workers and everyday people, leaving nothing but meager scraps for them to fight over. The Crack Horse is a stand against the powers of division that allow a ruling class to reap massive profits as people the world round suffer and die. Using there roots in punk rock, they project a brutal honesty and heart felt emotion into a call to action. Reaching from ska beats all the way to heavy riffing and breakdowns it is clear that they are all about crossing boundaries. Simply put, this music is about shaking off your chains of ignorance, apathy, and hopelessness and rising up to make your voice heard.


  • Logan DANG’ER: Guitar/Bass/Vocals
  • Albert Molson: Guitar
  • E-rock n’ Roll: Drums

Previous People

  • Travis “mac-daddy” Johnson
  • Eric “Ric” Huges
  • Chris “wait, willow?” Wolow
  • Shane “Styles P” Powers
  • DJ
  • Christopher “two-bones-jones” Arroyo
  • Rev. John Luke
  • Aaron “Bone” Stone
  • Barry “Its coontz not cunts” Kuntz