May We Never Die




By Creation Order Xtinction 2013.
Recorded by: Logan


Blood Letter
How do you explain that which is unexplainable.
You can look a meaning up in a dictionary.
But it won’t include the moldy bread, or the beer cans.
And that’s what memories mean to me.
Well if these walls could talk they would tell a story.
One that I can’t remember completely.
But all I know is everyday I fucking wake up,
is my new favorite day to breathe.And these footsteps, that mark our floors that we will never clean.
Well they mean so much more, than the dirt beneath our feet.
And when I write to you, I will sign my name in blood.
Because my DNA represents this whole damn world.

My legs are so tired, from chasing our dreams.
Well I just want them to become a reality.
And if we just keep waiting, nothing is gonna change.
So we gotta stop doing just what we think is right and do what makes us happy.

Rides and Strides
We live our lives for dead presidents,
cause that’s what seems to pay the rent.
We have to put our dreams on hold until this world unfolds.
The world is more than black and white,
the gray is hidden in fluorescent light.
So as you grab that glass each night, remember your not alone. your not aloneWhat do you do when your all alone in your sleep.
And what do you do when you all alone in your dreams.
Well I work all night and you work almost everyday.
For the shit we don’t need and so the bills can get paid.

Well we can sell our cars and go and buy some bikes,
we can quit our jobs and we can go for a ride.
Wouldn’t life be nice.
Wouldn’t life be nice.

Well you like the city and me well I like the trees.
Well I know of a road that comes from the woods and leads to the streets
We don’t need tv there is nothing good on anyway.
An if we get bored I’ll tell you stories of a better place

Bullets for Politicians
Our hearts arnt broken there just crippled under the strain.
Of living at the bottom, of Americas food chain.
A government with the right, to kill to an extent. Draining every drop if sweat until our lives are spent.
Sacrifice your human rights for progress.
Forfeit your privacy for security.If anarchy is chaos than chaos is freedom.
And government is justice, than justice is slavery.

You want me to be thankful, for the rights you’ve given me.
Like the right o remain silent, and the right to an attorney.
Well don’t ask questions, that’s rule number one.
If it starts with your voice it may end in your blood.

The greatest leaders will never lead.
More bullets for politicians, and less for human beings.

For Everyone and No One
Well if I have over stayed my welcome.
You can tell me to leave anytime.
I’ve always got a place to go called nowhere.
And they welcome me there any time of the night
I like to think the whole worlds against me.
At least I know exactly where I stand.
And if I end up with no one.
I guess I’ll have to learn to be a man.As you drink yourself to sleep.
I drink myself awake. Because I don’t ever wanna close my eyes again.
Because everytime I do I just dream.
I dream of things that might have been.

Well just because the bottle is empty.
Doesn’t mean our hearts have to be.
We’ve all got a reason to keep going.
We just gotta find out what that means.
Well you and I will always be together.
If not in person than you’ll live on in my heart.
And you know the times we spent together.
Are more important than the times we spend apart.

As you drink yourself to sleep.
I drink myself awake. Because I don’t ever wanna close my eyes again.
Because everytime I do I just dream.
I dream of things that nobody wants to see.

Set the World on Fire
Dear officer dear judge I don’t believe in how the west was won. But someone’s gotta let us know when were doing right.
To many rules laws and regulations. It’s kinda hard to misbehave sometimes.
But when you get caught and you get that funny feeling in your stomach like the pills that you swallowed are about to kick in.
Kinda makes you think if you should pick up that gun. And what direction you should be pointing it in.I don’t wanna set this world on fire, just to watch it burn.
Maybe if we sift through these artifacts, we can really learn.

Political prisoners and junkies, all fighting against the same disease, not obeying this country that says we are free.
Because we know our enemies, there throwing tear gas in our face as we scream hypocrisy.
Well I’m gonna break the law tonight.
Because it is my human right.
Maybe for a cause or a vice.
But we might go to jail tonight.

To the wall taggers, to the bank robbers, to the drug users, and angry teenagers.
To the wall taggers, to the bank robbers, to the drug users, and angry teenagers.
May your crimes not go unforgotten.
May your petty crimes be a step in the right direction.

Just Another Ride
Well the day is coming to an end,
and the sunshine can’t last.
It’s not that I’m afraid of the night, it’s just tomorrow, gotta do it all again.
You know I’ll never sleep alone,
I’ve got 25 years of regrets on my pillow.
And everytime I close my eyes I think of my own despise.Well we’ve gotta keep our heads up,
and remember we’re not the only one outa luck.
Ya know everyone, can sing a song,
but it all sounds better if we sing along.
So don’t go on and give up,
we’ve got grit in our teeth and a fight in our gut.
And we have time on our side and tomorrow is just another ride.

And when I look into the sky.
Well these city lights just hurt my eyes,
and it’s so hard to see a shooting star,
but this is home so I’ll stay awhile.
Ya know friends will come and go,
but luckily this country is connected by roads,
and it’s just a short drive into that big ole sky.

Die for Something
Well I’ve drank enough whiskey to make this whole city go blind.
And my friends will prob drink with me until the day that I die.
Of all of the memories I’ve went and Burned away.
I’ll never forget the look that was on our face.And I still remember that day that we swore we would never vote for something we didn’t believe.
And I still remember that day that we swore we would never grow up, never change.

Well sometimes I wonder how we even survive.
And sometimes I wonder how we even make it through the nights.
Well we will always have our heart worn on our sleeve.
And we will always have our dreams.

Well I still remember that day, when we swore we would fight for every fucking thing we believe.
And we would rather die than stand for nothing.
And we would rather die than stand for nothing.

Well one day I’ll wake up and I won’t wanna get out of bed.
But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop moving.
And sometimes I wonder if we can really change the world.
But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop fighting.

Story of my life
If I trade in my solidarity for solitude.
I’ll never have to worry, about being rude.
And I’m just so afraid to hurt your feelings, that I’ll lie straight to myself.
And I’ll do anything to avoid a confrontation, instead of talking face to face and finding a solution.
So I guess I should start singing songs about my life, instead of what I thought it would be like when I was young.
Well I would rather eat meat, than be vegan, just because that’s what all my friends are doing.
And I would rather go to work each night, instead of quit and run away and give up on this life.
So if that means, I’m not punk enough, to come to your parties.
Than that means, I must be punk enough, to sit alone and drink whiskey.
And either way I’m sure that I’ll still die young.
As long as being young means that I’m always having fun.I wish that I had a god to pray to,
I wish that I had a night to dream to.
And I wish that everyday was the first day of my life, so I could stop looking for those shooting star lights.

Is this world a better place then when I was 16.
Or at the very least am I a better human being.
Well just because Osama and sadam are dead, doesn’t mean the end of terrorist.
And just because gay marriage is legal in NY doesn’t mean the end of homophobics.
And just because I’m not on the pocket line or at the protest. Doesn’t mean that my hearts not with you, it’s always been with you. I’m just trying to figure out if it’s still with me, so I guess I’ve gotta go back to school and forget everything I thought I knew.

Well this cigarette and this drink in my Hand are making my breath smell. And if you don’t like it you can go straight to hell. They say that Jesus, will come and save us someday. Well if he really wanted to save me he never should have put that rye in the ground and made whiskey.Well this bourbons got me feeling low, this morning.
Well that’s because I’ve been drinking it since yesterday at about 10 am.
Well I’ve put in my 40 hours this week,
so if you don’t like me you can just get up and leave.