Au Revior

Au Revoir


An Instrumental / Post-Rock band from New Jersey, Au Revoir released “In The Key of Night” in 2012(rereleased on Aluminum Records 2013) and the “Black Hills” EP in 2013. Touring often since January 2012, they focus on building up community around them, with a very DIY approach to making and exposing their music.

“Au Revoir have progressed leaps and bounds in only a small amount of time and I really hope that this new found style on ‘Black Hills’ is something they pursue going forward. I also hope that other listeners make the same connections to this album as I have. I tend to let my imagination run away in the playground that is Post-Rock and am thankful that ‘Black Hills’ has offered me an escape that is much darker, heavier experience than I’m use to.” –


  • Eric
  • Dayn
  • Tyler
  • Carl
  • Gregg