The Red Foreman EP

Red Foreman EP



By The Cran Tangerines 2013.

  • Vocals: Evan Barnett
  • Lead Guitar: Shane Cahill
  • Bass: Tim Ernst
  • Drums: Tyler Dragonette
  • Guitar: Eric Hughes

Produced by: Eric Hughes


How Long?
How long can we keep pushing on
Forever ignoring the consequences of our actions
When is it enough that you will see clearly all the damage you have done
Destroying your life despite all of those that have tried to pull you back
There are many others like you
Maybe even myself included

How long can we say that there is no other way
How far can we go thinking that we are all alone
No more insanity, we’ve got to wake up and see
That if we checked to see it’s not just you and it’s not just me

We’ve got to unite
With everybody, alone is to be afraid
There is a way
This generalized song can not describe what I mean
There is still hope
We have a chance to reverse the damage done
By past generations to other races and to our environment

Mosquitoes are the Bane of my Existence
I’m like a bad bone so
Break and re-break until I fit into place
And I’m scared of this room and falling asleep
Waking up from nightmares where I can’t breathe
My friends I can’t be on my own but I know I have to face this alone
The necklace that I gave still haunts my mind
The way that it matches your eyes

Dead eyes get the most attention
And if you’ve seen what I’ve seen
Yours would be too

My voice is as loud as the sound of snowflakes hitting the ground
Screaming over every word you said
I guess that all these thoughts were only in my head

Patriot is a word that means nothing to me when we all get enslaved, equally
They’re the one’s who are too blind to see that their emotions create their depravity

We can’t win
We can’t fight
When we die
We die tonight

From sea to shinning sea
They will chant over again hellaciously
As they search to kill their enemies
Just the one’s who aren’t as bless as we are

We can’t win
We can’t fight
When we die
We die tonight

I don’t want to live in a country
Who’s government means nothing to me
How can you stand the prejudice
That we’re placed under daily