All music and lyrics by RAMPANT.


Wage Slaves

Another 40 hours underneath the heel.
Another week down, no time left to feel.
Worked right to the bone, even further still.
Slave right to the grave. What did you expect?

They suck us dry. Take it all.
Leave nothing to call my own.

Congratulations! You made it to retirement and what do you have to show?
A broken body, pile of debt, and regret.
Congratulations! This is it.

Work yourself to death.


We’re so far away from where we need to be.
You just spew your trash, infect society.
We don’t want your kind so just up and leave.
Count me out.

Claim you’re right when you’re so wrong.
We’ve had enough of this.
Stuck up kids with stupid thoughts. Minds all full of shit.

Running out of time. Falling out with friends. We don’t really care anymore.
Take your goddamn money, shove it up your ass, we’re better off on our own.



Break up, reunite, screaming match, fist fight.
Tell yourselves everything will be fine.
Fairy tale fantasy, piss poor reality.
Modern day romance… you know how it ends.

True love, it won’t last forever.
Your love, equal to failure.
It won’t last.

You failed. He failed. She failed. They failed.

I celebrate your divorce. Celebrate it.


Why even bother to get out of bed.
Juggling thoughts inside my head.
Self lack of precision.
Regret my decision.

I’m doing just fine.
I’m doing alright.

Another night on my own, better off staying home.
You go out, I’m still here, same as all the other years.

Tell me I want it, I need it.

I don’t.

Statement I

Say you want peace of mind. Here is a piece of mine.

Processed Track

Cut the rockstar bullshit, just give up an quit.
See you come and go, all so shallow.
Dishonest dickhead, rip off the dead.

Celebrities are a damn disease.
You bow and get on your knees.
Suck the tit and you get shit.

Over and over.
Repeat, repeat.
Til you’re all dead.

Everyday Existance

I have moments I look back on and wonder why I did what I did.
But c’est la vie, that’s what they say to me.
I get down, start wondering why.

I have days where I don’t want to get out of bed.
No interaction, no conversation, just me and my head. All alone.

True progression, lack of burden. On my own.
But thanks for the the offer, but this is mine.
Same story, different day.

Another day passes me by, just like before.
But that’s okay, this is my life and I won’t have it any other way.
Is what it is.
Live and learn and die.