One Way Trip

One Way Trip



By The Crack Horse

  • E-Rock: Drums
  • Logan: Guitar & Vocals
  • Shane: Bass
  • Alec: Guitar

Produced by: Luke & Logan
Album Art: Luke


Everything built with pan-optic design
specimens are viewed by the powerful eye
driven to the point of insanity
they use mental torture on all humanity

blind the eye
so it can’t see
it has no right to spy on me
they have no problem
with abuse of power
the time for change is now or never

black bagged
you’re never seen again
used as a host
for their chemical tests
in an attempt to brainwash
all the masses
they failed in this attempt they can never have success

time to speak
fight for our rights
by means of rebellion we’ll stand up and fight
we must unify
in order to be strong
tear down this machine it does not belong

Holy Adiction
Red, White and Blue
I wanna make it
Dirty pigs