Robin And The Hoods

Robin And The Hoods


Robin and the Hoods formed in a tiny garage in the tiny town of Albion, NY in the fall of 2010. Chadd and Felicia (one of the original band members) had been hanging out and playing some music together for a couple weeks in Felicia’s garage. They were trying to put something together musically, mostly with Chadd playing acoustic guitar and vocals, and Felicia singing as well, but it wasn’t really a serious thing at that moment. After a couple weeks, Felicia met Robin at a local show and got to talking about playing music. Robin told Felicia she had gotten a trumpet from a yard sale almost a year before and wanted to start a band. So, naturally Felicia asked Robin to come hang out with her and Chadd some day because they had been trying to get something started too, and a trumpet might give them the touch they needed. So, then Robin joined the band. They only played one show acoustically before deciding to bring in drummer and long time friend of Chadd’s, Mike McBain. Mike was reluctant at first, but after a couple long nights of hanging out, and enough whiskey pops to make any normal person go deaf. Mike decided he would come play drums for them. Shortly after, Zach joined the band as the band’s bass player. They now had the tools in place that would change their lives forever.

They go on to play a bunch of shows for drunken punk kids in basements who they love very, very much! And make friendships that will last a life-time!

Long Live The Turnaround,
Never Forget Northrup!!

RATH xoxo


  • Chadd: Guitar/Vocals
  • Robin: Trumpet/Vocals
  • Gerry: Guitar
  • Mike McBain: Drums
  • Matt Cox: Bass