Everett Lonesome

Everett Lonesome


Sean Heffler as Everett Lonesome. I started getting footloose around 17 to 18 years of age. Which soon resulted in the dire need to travel. For a couple years I hitchhiked, train hopped, bus’s, planes, and just downright walked around the states. Finding beautiful music, amazing people, and exciting landscapes. I found a love for early country blues, piedmont blues, ragtime and music from the delta. Such as Blind Willie Mctell, Mississippi John Hurt, Frank stokes and many more.


Nightmare band mates include but not limited to

  • Sean Heffler: Lead hollers and shouts, fingerpickin resonator
  • Stefan Jude : Shrieks and Shrills on the Violin
  • Travis Johnson : Slicks and slithers the Resophonic Guitar
  • Christopher Woloszyn : lap style washboard accompanied by his stompbox suitcase