Creation Order Xtinction



To do COX justice would be to hear this guy perform in person. There is a tangible intimacy in the setting he creates with his audience. You feel as if you were traveling with him this whole time, living and feeling the experiences he sings about, and everything has led up to the very moment when he started that song. With each song he picks you up and takes you with him through the journey of his life, and the song itself is the point in that journey that he realizes the lesson to be learned from it. And you are a part of that revelation.

Acoustic meets folk punk, his songs are his personal stories and whether the subject matter be politically pointed or controversial, the dominating theme is positive. You may be tired from chasing your dreams, but don’t give up, tomorrow is just another ride. It’s inevitable to wear your heart on your sleeve, and it’s obvious that his is in his songs.


  • Matt Cox: Guitar/Vocals