Pressure Cracks

pressure cracks cover



By Another Word For Broke 2011.

  • Chadd Froman: Guitar & Vocals & whatnot
  • Robin Rosecrans: Trumpet on #10
  • Felicia Lape: Vocals on #10
  • Mike McBane: Hitting stuff to make noises on #14

Recording, production: DIY as all get out. (Chadd did it)



Pick up our Hearts

Medicated Small Town

Little Different

Big Ugly Men

Old Bones

Basements & Living Rooms

It’s Cold Again (winter song pt.2)

Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Swing Set (early RATH ver.)

Distractions (early RATH ver.)

Wash Away

When We Were Kids

Winter Song

Song of Mourning (Women Studies Cover)