Brother Gruesome



Me and Levi met camp when we were 15 and have been playing music together since. We helped form a band called the Hex in 2000 with 4 other members. That band evolved into a group called the Grammarians in 2006. In 2008 Grammarians disbanded, Levi returned from Taos NM, and we began work on Brother Gruesome, the only music that makes sense to us to make.

We have an ever-evolving sound that has continually gotten darker and heavier. We have traded in other members for additional amps and octave generators to really fill out the sonic landscape to make more sound than a duo.

Touring and building up a DIY network by hosting shows for out of town bands has always been a big focus of the group. Our first “tours” were short 2 or 3 day affairs. Over the years our network has expanded and our reputation grown to the point that we can be out of town for a month all on self booked shows.


Todd Jackson – Vocals, Guitar
Levi Watson – Percussion


Press & Reviews

Miranda Duncan

Oklahoma Gazette